File to Devonthink

Hazel Rule to file document to nominated Devonthink Database and Folder

Add this Applescript to your Hazel routines to bypass the Inbox and file the matched document directly to the required Devonthink database and folder.

Follow the  script with a rule to move the file to Trash

tell application id "com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2"
	set Devonthink to get record at "/Business Cards" in database "Filing_Cabinet"
	import theFile to Devonthink
end tell

Business Cards to Devonthink

This routine will detect scanned business cards then via a Hazel rule prompt for a new name then automatically file away in the nominated location in Devonthink
  1. Scan Business Card to Folder
  2. Run this Hazel rule
  3. Business Card will be filed to the nominated Database and Folder in Devonthink Pro 2