Automate searches across multiple websites

Often when searching for an item you will want to compare results from multiple sources.

In the example below I have created Keyboard Maestro macro to search for stock videos. The routine can easily be expanded to include searches for images, sounds, news articles, shopping items etc across multiple websites.

For the keyboard shortcut I take advantage of Karabiner Elements to reprogram the capslock key to enter in a key combination (Control+Option+Shift+Command) to generate a unique keyboard shortcut that is likely not to duplicated in an existing procedure. 

By using the same keyboard trigger for each of the macros Keyboard Maestro will prompt for the leading letter of the query you want to invoke. This method means you only need to remember 1 keyboard shortcut for all search types.

Copies of the macros can be downloaded via this link.

Keyboard Maestro macro to search across multiple sites
  Automation, Keyboard Maestro
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Author: Iain Dunn

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